Old Memories: Interactive Table for “FRONTIERS OF INTERACTION 2010”

Drag, rotate and play with the speakers’s “head” of Frontiers of Interaction to get info about them and their speeches.
A long time ago me and @mdbt built from scratch an Interactive table to showcase the speakers @Frontiers of Interaction 2010*.

The Interactive Table, was based on reacTIVision computer vision framework using Fiducial Markers. Rotating the speakers’s photos on the table you can get infos, bios, twitter messages or links (QRcode).
We built the table using: a playstation webcam, a video projector, infrared led strips, glass and some IKEA furnitures.
* Frontiers of Interaction was founded in 2005 to explore topics and ideas in the field of Interaction Design. In a very short time, it has become known as the leading Innovation conference in Italy

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