#MobileFirst Hardware

I bought a Chromecast as a Christmas present for my nerdy dad few days ago, after playing with it for less than 5 minutes I decided to sell my own 3rd generation Apple TV for 50€, replace it with a brand new chromecast at 39€€… and spend the 11€€ gained on popcorn and beers.

I decided to switch to a Chromecast for 2 main reason:

  • openness: any devices and operating systems can easily integrate Chromecast support (i.e. I’m not able to stream Spotify to Apple TV from my Android devices without rooting the devices and buy some expensive app)
  • touchscreen remote control: the 3rd generation Apple TV has a standard remote control (the 4th generation Apple TV has a touch remote control and Siri integration) using the remote to type anything using the visual keyboard it’s a pure nightmare. Chromecast dosen’t have any remote, you just use your own smart device as a remote control: I can easily type and I can browse into apps and watch some content at the same time… watching a Netflix video on the TV while looking for the next video on the device a.k.a remote control.

Using a smartphone as a remote control it’s the right move. Why we should pay and take care for a dummy remote control when we already have a smart device in our hands?

The chromecast it’s a great hardware, a truly #mobilefirst hardware.

Sorry 4th gen Apple TV.

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